The DCFA Pakistan and DCFA Tech Division oversees cattle and dairy product promotion, research, information and related activities financed by the DCFA's business model and similar market development investments. It also functions as the Trade Association representing thousands of qualified provincial dairy farmers committee and carries out the duties and responsibilities assigned to the association by the Trade Organization Act,
2013. In this way, DCFA coordinates provincial/national efforts to build demand for dairy products.

The Dairy & Cattle Farmer
Association of Pakistan

The Dairy Cattle Farmers Association Pakistan (DCFA) is the national trade association representing Pakistan's cattle and dairy producers, with more than 25,000 individual members and several industry organization
members. Together DCFA represents more than 175,000 cattle and dairy producers. DCFA works to advance the economic, political and social
interests of Pakistan's cattle business and to be an advocate for the cattle and dairy industry's policy positions and economic interests.

As family farmers and ranchers, cattlemen have a vested interest in protecting the environment. As responsive producers, they share an interest in meeting the needs of consumers nationwide by providing high-quality, nutritious milk, while setting higher quality and safety standards than those required by the government. As individual entrepreneurs, cattlemen raise livestock in more provinces than any other commodity, helping sustain a way of life in thousands of rural communities.

DCFA works to encourage the humane treatment of farm animals, the wise stewardship of natural resources and the implementation of good husbandry practices.



Shakir Umar Gujjar


Cattle farming is the oldest profession on earth and has been the bread & butter of human beings for millenniums. Cattle farming has also been the profession of all Prophets and holds a very special place in our hearts as people of faith of Islam. We consider this profession sacred and run this business with pure intent, dignity & a social service mindset. In modern era, livestock refers to a breed or a population of animals kept for a useful or commercial purpose. Pakistan is blessed with one of the strongest dairy cattle farmers market of the world. 


Dairy & Cattle Farmers Association Pakistan (DCFA) is a welfare body of livestock farmers across Pakistan which addresses their core issues before competent authorities for a beneficial solution. With the vision of being the preferred choice of livestock farmers for issues resolution or their rights, DCFA is striving days & night to elevate the farmers to such a level where they can provide end to end services (i.e. from production to retail etc) to consumers for quality assurance & as well as for their business development. A dairy or cattle farmer is a basic & an integral part of livestock sector and play an important role to introduce them to the opportunities of the world of farming. We provide them a platform to raise the bars and turn them into an efficient and successful farmer. We are also working to switch conventional farmers into a modern & efficient farming system. We believe that the DCFA Pakistan is a right platform to educate the conventional farmers to adopt modern farming practices. Ultimately the farming system will be channelized & soon upon the full-fledged induction of various corporates & financial instituitions considering a lucrative business for all stakeholders, the sky will be the limit for growth & development of dairy & livestock sector in Pakistan.


The Mission and vision for which the Association was formed are


To be the trusted leader and definitive voice of the Pakistan's cattle and dairy industry.


To serve the cattle and dairy industry by improving the business climate, growing dairy demand, and increasing the people of Pakistan's access to pure dairy products.


Currently Pakistan is producing less the 40% of the animal feed needs by the cattle and dairy farmers. More than 50% of that is then exported to other neighbor countries. This deficiency is impacting the cattle and dairy farmers across all 4 provinces and other territories of Pakistan. DCFA's goal is to provide sustainable feeding options to the farmers nationwide. This business model in return will support to subsidize poor farmers who cannot afford to have basic necessities such as animal healthcare products etc.

Farmers Education

DCFA takes great pride in being a premier source of education information to help dairy farmers understand changing times, adjust with them and use them toward working to be as efficient and profitable as possible. You will
find some of DCFA's most successful producer education programs, search a library of topics that will be of benefit to you in learning more about practices that can help improve your bottom-line, read how other dairy farmers have benefited from these programs and much more.

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